Rev. Jeffrey Amare PhD. & Pastor Victorine Doube Amare

by Rev. Jeffrey Amare PhD.

Contact info:
Retorvej 45, 2nd Floor,
2500 Valby.

Tel:(+45) 36 30 30 35
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Triumphant Family International Church

About Us

Triumphant family international church is a prophetic community of believers whose purpose is to give people a future. We are a Royal breed of people without greed. We are men and women who know how to Win by Faith and love. We are not just a church who know how to worship but we are a church founded and builded on revalational knowledge. We are a church that know how to degree the word of God to a generation.

We are a church that will prophecy life to a lost and dying world. We seek to exchange the values of the surrounding societies and the world at large with the standards of God's Kingdom. Our constant aspiration is to be a healthy Family full of wonderful, loving, friendly and supportive congregation. Building leadership that loves God, and His people, as well as serves with creativity, passion and joy. The anointed WORD of Christ should be the reality we strive in.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement
Establish a new community of believers in Christ.

Love Statement
Beloved, let us love one another, because love is of God. He that does not love his brother, does not love God, and has not been perfect, because as Jesus is so are we in this world. Every step out of love is a step into darkness. Today take advantage of love. Remove all things that are not of love from your heart, because you can’t walk out of love and expect his divine blessings. Whosoever that is in love is in God, and as long as he is in God, God will perfect everything concerning him. God is looking for men and woman to commit the world into their hands. You must pass the test of love before He can commit anything into your hands. (1.Corinthians13: 1-13).

“GIANTS IN THE MAKING” Renewing the strength of God’s people; The Father God is glorified through fruitful disciples reverencing and exalting Him through His son Jesus Christ. To edify other believers, extend disciple-making to the entire world as the Lord of harvest enables each one of His own.

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Upcoming Events

The Year of The Spirit
Friday 20/09/2013
Time 18:00(6pm)

Triumphant Family
International Church.

Retorvej 45, 2nd Floor,
2500 Valby.
Entre: Free

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Our Service time

Weekly Meetings:Time:
Sunday Service 10:00 - 12:20
Saturday Choir meeting 15:00 - 17:00
Friday All Night Prayer 23:30 - 05:00
Thursday Prayer Worrior meeting 18:00 - 19:30
Wednesday Service 18:00 - 20:00

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