Welcome to ICiD

The purpose of ICiD - International Churches in Denmark is to gather int. churches in DK. This will help make it easier for you as an individual to keep track of the churches around you.
If you are looking for a place to fellowship or visit, simply go through the list of churches below and view their profiles.




The Great Commission
Wednesday 12.02.2014 Time 19:00(7pm)
International Harvest Christian Centre
Poppelstykket 2, 2450 København SV
Entre Fee
Don Moen Live
Thursday 19.12.2013 Time 18:00(6pm)
Copenhagen Miracle Center
Cultural Center Drejervej 15-17, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Entre A 300kr. B 250kr.
The Journey of Grace
Friday 24.11.2013 Time 14:00(2pm)
Christian Love fellowship Copenhagen
Brøndby Nord Vej 71, 2605 Brøndby
Entre free
Malmö Healing & Revival Campaign
Friday 22.11.2013 Time 19:00(7pm)
International Harvest Christian Centre
Hyacintgatan 2, 215 26, Malmö
Entre free